Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society
2018 Show Schedule
  Classes :- 19 to 36
Unlimited entries per person, per class. All Entries are free.
# DefinitionsShow RulesClasses 1 - 18
Pot Size
Full Standard, one plant, 30 (762mm) and above clear stem, any cultivar
20 # One Hanging Basket of Fuchsias only, one or more plants, same cultivar, basket not to exceed 406mm ( 16"), in diameter. ( See Definitions F )  
# One Half Basket (plastic or wire), of Fuchsias only, one or more plants of the same cultivar, rear of basket not to exceed 406mm ( 16" )across, of semi-circular shape
22 One or more plants, same cultivar, grown in a Hanging Pot 15cm to 25cm Dia. Max.
# One pot, any cultivar, to be grown on a single stem not exceeding 40mm. ( See Definitions D )
15cm Max
Single or Double, one plant, bush or shrub, any cultivar, any size pot or container.
Three Plants, bush or shrub, any cultivar. One plant of each size pot
9cm, 11cm, 13cm
One plant, grown as an Espalier, Circle, Pyramid, Fan, or any other shape, any cultivar. (To be viewed from the front )
Floral Arrangement of Fuchsias, other fresh foliage allowed, on a base not to exceed a surface area of 1 foot square (305mm) and 18 (457mm) in height. No mechanica, ie. mirrors, frames
28 One plant, Introduced before 1938, bush or shrub, any cultivar. Suggested Cultivars

15cm Max
One plant, of any cultivar, that must have been grown in it's Unusual Container which bears relevance to the cultivar name.
* One plant, bush or shrub, grown for Ornamental / Variegated Foliage effect Suggested Cultivars
15cm Max
Hardy Fuchsia, One plant, ( as per B.F.S. Hardy list )
22cm Max
# A Multiplant, Single or Double, of the same cultivar
13cm Min
15cm Max
#  Catch-All Section, This section is designed to allow what are considered the more unusual cultivars to be exhibited, e.g. Interspecific types and cultivars that show uncommon characteristics.
Suggested Cultivars

22cm Max

# Fuchsia Bonsai , one Plant, exhibits in this section should conform to a bonsai shape.
Bonsai Style Pot
a Display of Fuchsia Blooms only, in any medium, any numbers of flowers. No accessories or foliage.
7" bowl provided
36 Junior Class, bush or shrub, single or double, any cultivar, one plant 15cm Max

Schedule:- Classes 1 - 18

Metric Pot Sizes