Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society

The first meeting of the Steering committee for the Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society was held on Monday, November 30th 1981, at 6 Moss lane, Swinton.

Present were : - B. Breary, G. F. Edmunds, B. Marchment, E. Morgan, L. Sykes, A. Taylor, J. Whittaker, R. Woods and Mrs B. Breary.

Bryan Breary welcomed intended members to the steering committee meeting and stated that it was the intention to form a new Fuchsia Society, on the Salford / Swinton / Bolton side of Manchester. This would perhaps encourage and stimulate interest, amongst people growing fuchsias for the first time, who have found it difficult to travel to Sale, to attend meetings of the Manchester & District Fuchsia Society.

The first meeting of the SALFORD & BOLTON FUCHSIA SOCIETY, was held on the 18th January 1982, at St. Anne’s Parish Hall, Clifton, Manchester, 45 people attended.

The first Annual General Meeting was held on Monday , 19th April 1982, at St. Anne’s Parish Hall, and the following officers of the Society were elected :-
Chairman :- Bryan Breary
Treasurer :- Edward Morgan
Secretary :- Barbara Breary
General Committee:-
Alan Taylor, Leonard Sykes, Edith Rothwell,   James Rothwell,  Brian Butler,  Roberta Butler,  Bert Marchment,   Roy Wood,  George Edmunds and John Whittaker.

Since the formation of the SALFORD & BOLTON FUCHSIA SOCIETY, it has become renowned for its knowledge and expertise in growing Fuchsias. We now have a wealth of experienced fuchsia growers within the Society, who are keen to pass on that knowledge, to old and new members alike.

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